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First of all

I’m not moving out of the country. Nope.

I have zero desire to run. I’m done running. Besides, I could always go visit.

Im so close to my own life I can taste it. I can’t give that up. Regardless of all other parties or considerations involved. .. What *I* want to live. .. Isn’t gonna happen off this coast.

So I stay West.

And my lover be here 30 days for our birthdays. The REAL weekend totally away we always wanted. Not Tahoe like we dreamed lol, but alone, and with zero distractions but each other and the ocean.

He’ll turn 36, I’ll be 32.

First time we made love, he was 23, I was 19.

First time he tied me up, I was 25.

First time he let me give him a wake up call on his early morning wasnt until this last year.

First time we said “I love you” was never.

(Although I’m quite sure I fired it off in an angry letter some place in our history. Hey, he gets me, he let’s new roll how I roll. I’m perpetually forgiven.)

Put all that in your pipe and smoke it.

Secondly, no, we’re not crazy.


I’m the happiest girl, who’s favorite person lives 700 miles away, and is coming to visit soon.

I woke up to “Good morning my beautiful lover. Cant wait to wake up next to you!” and how could I have possibly have a bad day?

It makes zero sense, but ALL the senses. We just need each other. Even from afar.

I’m gonna sleep now so it can get here faster.